Making a Splash: Is Tulsi Gabbard the Next Democratic Party Star?

Over three years ago this article was made. It is very relevant to those in interest of just who Rep, Tulsi Gabbard is and what does for the American People.

“I grew up with the Aloha Spirit,” says Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. “We try to treat everyone with respect. Like family.”

We’re heading toward Honolulu’s Keehi Lagoon Park, where the first-term U.S. representative, dressed in a scarlet blouse and black trousers, will be putting in an appearance at the Hawaii Ports Maritime Council’s Ohana BBQ. “If you’ve never been to a Hawaiian barbecue,” she says, grinning, “let me tell you: There will be a lot of food.”

She’s not kidding. As Gabbard is greeted with the traditional leis (you wind up wearing a lot of flowers in her line of work), burly longshoremen step from the serving line with heaping plates of chicken, sticky-sweet desserts, and devoutly un-Bloombergian plastic cups of soda and beer. It’s proof positive of the local saying: In Hawaii, you don’t eat until you’re full, you eat until you’re tired.

Area politicians are here to express their solidarity with the local maritime unions. There’s the newly appointed U.S. senator, Brian Schatz, a bit too eager to please in his blinding yellow-and-green shirt, and boyish city councilman Stanley Chang, who fairly squeaks with ambition. And then you have Gabbard, a tanned 32-year-old with mahogany-brown hair that falls just past her shoulders, a fit surfer’s physique, and a smile so warm that it’s no surprise Web sites have offered polls rating her “hotness.”

Yet this is no Democratic Sarah Palin—all barracuda populism and you-betcha sass. She takes the stage and calmly expresses her support for the shipping policies that matter so much to her audience, making no attempt to rev up the crowd—this is a barbecue, after all, not a campaign rally. Still, when she finishes, the listeners explode into applause. Gabbard steps from the dais, and audience members rush to hug her and urge her to run for governor or senator.


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